Mobile self-scanning and checkout skip the line.

The future is here you can do your grocery shopping without fumbling over self-checkout register or waiting at a long line. Long waiting lines aren’t fun – free up that time for more shopping or living instead.

Scan As You Shop Instead

When the shopper app is opened in a compatible store location it provides an option to start shopping. Customers can add barcoded items by scanning and add non-coded items by lookup. The app keeps track of the pending purchase and shows a running total as well as relevant product recommendations. Customers can make payment on their phone and complete their purchase without waiting in line or troubling staff. The system is supported by loss prevention and customer service capabilities in the staff application.

Never Get Stuck in Line

Scan and bag while shopping, pay through the app (secure payment) scan your QR code at checkout point.

Speedy Checkout Line

Classic checkout lane

Off the shelf into the basket, off the basket onto the belt, off the belt over the scanner, of the scanner into the bag – there’s a lot of handling going on in the classic checkout lane.

With mobile self-scanning it’s shelf->bag->done.

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