Supermarkets and high-street retailers are looking to Mobile self-scanning checkout solution to cut waiting at checkout lines.
Retailer IT departments are at the forefront of a customer service initiative critical to business success, using self-checkout solution that allows customers to scan and pay for their own goods with their smartphones.
Mobile self-scanning technologies is a key area of investment for retailers, offering IT departments the chance to have a real impact on the customer experience and not to lose ground to rival companies.
The Mobile Checkout technology which allows customers to remain in control of the whole purchasing process will be widespread soon.
Mobile self-scanning checkout enables shoppers to scan, bag and pay for their purchases with their smartphones. 
Grocery is the most complex and technically challenging retail format to provide mobile self-scanning for. The following capabilities were developed especially for the unique needs of grocery stores. Weighted produce, age restriction, counter service and loss prevention and an overall emphasis on efficiency.
  • Loss Prevention (Prevent abuse of self-scanning capabilities by shoppers or staff.)
  • Scannable Scales (Scannable scales allow shoppers to buy bulk items like fresh produce by weight.)
  • Private White-label (Retailers can own the relationship and the install by deploying the platform as their own-brand staff and shopper apps.)

  • Counter Service (Allows customers to order from service counter menus, both with and without the app, both in advance and in store.)
  • Store Specials (An update to the traditional circular the shopper app makes specials more visible, relevant and timely.)
FPR platform is designed to grow with the retailer’s technology needs over time without causing lock-in. It is independent of the retailer’s specific point of sale and back office software which frees it from the typical upgrade cycle.
It is fully cloud hosted and regular updates bring new features to shoppers and staff. Unlike third-party branded apps the grocer owns the install, allowing them to replace FutureProof should another solution better fit their needs – without losing any of their users.
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