Mobile Order & Pay Solution

Easy steps

Customers can easily order & pay contactless for food & drinks using the app on their phones. The system reduces queues by speeding up serving times which ultimately resulting in more customers being served.

Digitizes the process of ordering from restaurants, deli counters, coffee bars, food trucks, etc. Customers order via a digital menu available in the shopper app, on the web, or in-person via tablets mounted in the store. Orders can be placed in advance (with prepayment) contactless. The staff application provides for order fulfillment and contacting customers. A text message lets customers know when their order is ready.

Each menu item can be customized with additionals, extras, options, and special instructions. Images and descriptions can be used to make items especially enticing.

Order Complete

When an order is complete a text message or push notification calls the customer to pick it up or will be served.

Fulfillment App

Restaurant team can process orders more efficiently.

Works on Most Devices

The same fulfillment app is accessible from most phones, tablets, and computers via native iOS, Android, and web-apps.

Starts Automatically

Restaurants can choose between manually opening and closing the counter or setting it to open and close automatically with the restaurant’s hours.

For restaurants whose workflow includes printed tickets the fulfillment app can be configured to print each order out. Simply connect a compatible EPSON printer and a ticket will be printed out for every order.

Straightforward to Operate

Orders appear with a visual and auditory signal, and are identified by the customer’s first name and last initial.

Order details are displayed along with a customer phone number. When the order is marked complete the shopper will receive a text message calling them to the counter for pickup.

Reliable and Simple

If there is any problem with a shopper’s order staff can contact the shopper by phone and/or cancel the order.

If there is a problem with an item on the menu staff can have it hidden from the menu or marked out of stock to prevent customers from ordering it.

If there are items marked out of stock the counter service app will ask staff to review and confirm they are still out of stock each morning, freeing staff from remembering to update the item.

A heartbeat from the counter app ensures that at least one counter is open at all times. If no counter is online (for example, a store has lost internet access) it notifies technical support and prevents shoppers from ordering until the issue is resolved.


15per location/ mo +
  • 2% per transaction
  • You Get
    Line Free Checkout
    Universal App
    Customer Feedback
    Email Support

    Activation Time 1 – 2 days

    Recommended for
    micro markets, food trucks, boutiques and cashierless stores


75per location/ mo +
  • 1.5 % per transaction
  • You Get
    Everything from Micro plus:
    Loss Prevention & Age Restriction
    Counter Service
    Phone Support

    Activation Time 1 – 2 weeks

    Recommended for
    Restaurants, bars convenience, gas stations and moderate-traffic stores

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