Checkout line

Mobile self-scanning checkout solution is not beneficial to the consumer, but also immediately improves bottom-line results for retailers. Retailers should expect to see an increase in the average basket value of approximately 10%. The reasoning behind this is:

People who are on a tight shopping budget now instantly see the actual value of the items tallied up as the fill their shopping basket. This allows them to buy additional items up to the level of their budget.

Instant promotions and relevant recommendations will more easily persuade shoppers to add more – and different items to their basket than they had originally planned for.

The platform is architected with a special emphasis on integration and extension in order to provide for a retailer’s long term use without causing lock-in or system conflict. It supports 2-way data integrations to existing POS, loyalty and back office software via a number of flexible methods, along with the capability to operate independently of other software. It is a complement to the retailer’s existing back-end software and it does not disturb existing processes or require new training for back office staff.

Benefits for Merchants
Benefits for Shoppers