The Honor System Break Room

For employees on a break, no matter the timing, market items can be selected, scanned and paid for in seconds. For micromarket vendors, sales and inventory can be tracked remotely making replenishment and invoicing more efficient.

More convenient for you and your customers

  • Easy to setup!
  • Accept credit card and Apple Pay in your break room!
  • Manage via spreadsheet: upload prices and download transactions via CSV
  • Simplify inventory and replenishment – know what’s on the shelf without counting
  • See who’s buying what and solicit feedback from your customers to fine tune your snack selection
  • Works for items with barcodes, and items without barcodes via the menu system
  • Set a custom billing policy: Charge customers at the time of purchase, or aggregate their purchases and charge them after a certain number of days, or when they reach a certain balance.

For Professional Micromarket Providers

  • Manage multiple locations inventory and pricing centrally
  • Create special client accounts and control their access