FPR’s solution allows customers to scan and pay for products using the Scan.Pay.Go. app on their smartphones at any participating Spar Colruyt Group, OKay or OKay Compact store. They can then leave the store without waiting in line at the cash register. Digital scales are available in-store to weigh fruit and vegetables and simply add them to the shopping basket. Customers save time and are able to bag products right away without having to take them out and re-bag at the cash register.

“No queue for me” also available at OKay and OKay Compact

The new Scan. Pay. Go. app – captioned “No queue for me” – lets customers use their smartphone to scan and pay for products, without having to use the usual till. Special digital scales are available in-store to weigh loose products like fruit and vegetables. The unique technology was developed specifically for Spar Colruyt Group (which started in June) and has now been rolled out to OKay and OKay Compact as well.

FPR’s solution integrates seamlessly with OKay’s existing POS and Xtra loyalty solutions. It also utilizes Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK to enable faster scanning even in cases of damaged or hard-to-read barcodes.

“After successfully rolling out FPR’s mobile checkout solution in a select number of Spar Colruyt Group grocery stores earlier this year, we are excited to be able to also help make the customer experience at the OKay convenience stores even more ‘convenient’,” says Di Di Chan, president of FutureProof Retail.

Michon van Doorn, Marketing Manager at OKay: “This new application fits perfectly with the OKay brand promise of being able to shop quickly, cheaply and easily.

About FutureProof Retail

Founded in 2013 by a group of impatient shoppers and award-winning developers in New York, FutureProof Retail (FPR) brings the best of online shopping offline by creating mobile shopping applications for retailers. FPR’s mobile platform features line-free mobile checkout and line-free order-ahead retail. FutureProof Retail offers unique and customizable solutions for many retail verticals: grocery, fashion, big box, convenience, micro-markets, stadiums, airports and more.

About OKay

OKay is Colruyt Group’s practical convenience store, where customers can do their daily shopping quickly, cheaply and easily. OKay stores offer customers a wide range in a compact retail space at easily-accessible locations, so customers can avoid traffic jams and long journeys.

About OKay Compact

OKay Compact is the convenience store for daily shopping in the city. The first OKay Compact opened its doors on Aug. 22, 2012, in Elsene and OKay Compact now has 6 stores: in Elsene, Antwerp, Brussels and Liège. Customers can buy a wide range of products 7 days a week.

About Retail Partners Colruyt Group

Retail Partners Colruyt Group unites all independent store activities of Colruyt Group. These activities span across multiple brands (Spar Colruyt Group, Alvo, Mini Market) and over 400 stores, all of which are operated by independent entrepreneurs.