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Customers want convenience, it’s why they shop online. Bring the convenience of online shopping into your stores with mobile self-checkout and more.

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Customers download your app to use line free checkout.

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Scan while shopping for a running total including discounts.

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Pay via the app and skip the line for instant gratification!

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Live since 2015, our apps now serve 5 industries on 3 continents.
Selected examples:


Hong Kong
Scan & Go

Venue / Stadium

Team LA

Grocery / Convenience



Natural Source

Food Service


Case Study:
Fairway Mobile Checkout

Grocery | New York City | See it on the app store

“Amazing. Fairway has taken self check-out to the next level! I was scanning items as I was placing them in my cart. Skipped a line with 30 people and went straight to the checkout! Saved 15 minutes and so easy. Wow!”

elevy – App Store Reviews

“Not to be dramatic, but @FairwayMarket’s mobile checkout app is life changing.”

@lalashoots – Twitter

“@FairwayMarket You guys nailed it with the mobile checkout app! Saving me so much time. THANK YOU! ?”

@zcking587 – Twitter

“This is a game changer! Super seamless checkout process and let me skip the line. I’ll come to fairway over whole foods because of this app!”

Alexis – Play Store Reviews

Fast and Easy Setup

Proven best practices take the guesswork out of launching your program.

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We’ll work together to get your payments and systems connected. You can test everything live before launch.


Launch progressively or all at once. Tune and grow your program in response to your customers. We will be with you every step of the way.

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