eCommerce, In-Person

FutureProof Retail’s platform brings the best of online shopping into the store, with line free checkout, order ahead, personalized deals and much more:

Additional Formats

The platform’s capabilities can be configured to meet the needs of most stores in a wide variety of formats, including:

Self Install Kit

Everything needed to setup mobile self scanning and loss prevention checkpoint in one box.

A Platform for All Retail

All retail formats share the fundamental sales capabilities at the core of the platform. A growing list of additional features can be used to tailor the platform to a retailer’s specific needs.

The platform is designed to capture the key benefits mobile technology can provide to shoppers and retailers, including improved customer service and customer loyalty, increased sales, decreased operational costs and more – see the full platform benefits for details.

The platform is centered around a mobile app for shoppers that provides a variety of capabilities, including mobile self scanning, ordering, recommendations and more. The mobile app is deployed as a private whitelabel under a retailer’s own brand and as a universal app for use by smaller stores.

The shopper app is supported by a separate application for store staff with roles for marketers, ops, managers and cashiers. The staff application works across all common phones, tablets and computers, and provides visibility into and control over how shoppers use the platform.

Both apps are supported by a flexible backend that allows custom integrations and new capabilities. The platform can be cloud hosted by FutureProof Retail or on-premise via special arrangement.