Frequently Asked Questions

Self scanning customers must share their identity to use the service and are a retailers best behaved guests.

Shopper’s provide a photograph, name and payment information along with additional identifiers relating to their phone. The identification deters deliberate criminals who rely on anonymity to get away with bold thefts.

More impulsive shoplifters can be deterred and detected by installing one or more Loss Prevention Checkpoints, which along with unique sweethearting detection make self scanning more secure than a standard checkout or self checkout kiosk.

Mobile self scanning offers the lowest combined cost of checkout of any method and pays for itself.

Retailers who choose a private white-label pay a flat monthly fee based on the capabilities they require at each location.

Retailers who prefer to adopt the universal app can further choose to pay through a transaction fee.

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FutureProof’s mobile self scanning takes product and price data as an input and generates transaction logs as an output. Retailers can provide the product and price data in whatever format they have it, and FutureProof will do the translation and return the transaction logs in the format of the retailer’s choice. Unless a retailer has lost the ability to export and import their own data their system is compatible with FutureProof.

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