Platform Capabilities

A system of modular capabilities allows the The FutureProof Retail platform to serve different retail formats. Capabilities can be mixed and matched by whitelabel or location.

The FutureProof Platform began as a pure self scanning application and grew over time in response to the needs of merchants and customers. Now it includes a variety of capabilities designed to allow different retail formats to fully digitize their customer interactions.

The core platform involves an application for shoppers and a separate application for staff that mediates shopping, customer service and promotions. The shopper application comes in two flavors: Universal, for use by multiple smaller retailers, and Private White-label, for larger brands.

Additional capabilities include product marketing, order-ahead counter service and a special loss prevention system that is more secure than a standard checkout lane.

Integration With Existing Systems

The FutureProof Retail platform is designed to complement a retailer’s existing software, not replace it.

The platform is architected with a special emphasis on integration and extension in order to provide for a retailer’s long term use without causing lock-in or system conflict. It supports 2-way data integrations to existing POS, loyalty and back office software via a number of flexible methods, along with the capability to operate independently of other software. It is a complement to the retailer’s existing back-end software and it does not disturb existing processes or require new training for back office staff.